The public limited company (PLC) in Switzerland

A PLC is a corporation with a legal entity whose liabilities are covered exclusively by its own assets. The base capital, determined in advance, is divided into shares. In addition, it has a very good public reputation.

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Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a PLC in Switzerland


- Exclusion of any personal liability with private property or capital
- Several shareholders possible
- Easy transfer of shares
- Anonymity of the shareholders
- Increased creditworthiness


- High minimum capital
- Compliance with company law
- Taxation at company level and for the shareholder (double taxation)

What do I have to consider when setting up a PLC?

Required capital

A minimum of CHF 100,000 is required (of which CHF 50,000 have to be paid at the beginning)

Info: The founder of a PLC can not profit from an early withdrawal of pension funds due to the fact that he is employed in his own company on the basis of an employment contract. In the sense of the OASI law, he is not considered a self-employed person.

In general

At least one shareholder and one member of the board of directors are required, whereby these may be the same person. The majority of the members of the board of directors who are authorized to sign have to reside in Switzerland. The entry into the commercial register can take 10 days - 4 weeks depending on the canton.

Tip: A fantasy name is possible but the "AG" at the end is mandatory.


The audit is compulsory for companies that employ 10 employees or more. The PLC must establish a state-approved auditor body, which provides the Management Board with an annual report.

VAT liability

Its obligatory only if the company has a turnover of CHF 100'000. However, voluntary submission is possible.

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